In a gifting mood?

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Our cupcakes make great gifts!  I mean, who wouldn’t be thrilled to be gifted a dozen of these beauties?  Happy Birthday, Thank You, Congratulations, I love you! – all super awesome things to say with a treat!  Place your order here!

Soul good.

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Every now and again I find myself in the middle of a crafty project like this, and every time I’m reminded of just how good it feels. My kids love salami and would eat it every day if we’d let them. They’ve been extra sweet lately, so I thought I’d treat them in their lunch tomorrow – also the perfect time to throw in a little craft. I wrapped their crackers and salami in dry wax paper and closed it with a piece of craft tape. I ❤️ #functionalcrafting #badabingbadaboom #treatsloblog #craft #lunch

It’s dandy, y’all.

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Something I will always remember about my grandparents are the words they used. Supper, holler, y’all, and my personal favorite – dandy – will always make me think of them. To this day, my Papaw still uses it, and he’ll often say ‘she’s a dandy’ when speaking about my daughter. (Geez, tug at the heart strings!) So, I introduce to you the Dandy Sandy. It’s one dandy of a cookie. 😉

Pecan Sandies

Snickerdoodle love.

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The Snickerdoodle has been my favorite cookie since I was a kid, partly because when you’re 5 it’s just so darn fun to say! But truly, I love everything about this cookie – the soft and chewy texture, the tang from the cream of tartar, and the cinnamon sugar coating.  Quite simply, it’s cookie perfection.  Does anyone else love them as much as me? #cookie #snickerdoodle #obsessed #cinnamon #treatsloblog

Another birthday in the books.

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This past week, our daughter turned 5, and this was the first time that I had that man this is a BIG birthday! feeling. Months ago, Simone came home from preschool and proclaimed that she loved Star Wars. That’s totally awesome, I thought; I can get with Star Wars. With the release of Episode VII and all the hype that came with it, the chosen theme for this year’s party did not surprise me.

Our home is a cozy one, and by cozy I mean not big.  As everyone began to arrive (all 30+ of them!), the kids, dads and moms found the light sabers.  A 20 minute duel breaks out in the living room, and it can only be labeled as one thing.  EPIC.  Much to my delight and shock no one was injured and nothing was broken!


Life lessons.

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Compassion and empathy are not concepts that are easily grasped by young ones (and some grown ups!). In an effort to show my children what these traits look like, we loaded up the stroller with bags of treats and went for a walk downtown. Along the way, we stopped at every person holding a sign asking for help.  And with every person we handed treats to, my daughter would say the same thing, “It feels good to make people smile.”

Taking treat filled bags with us on our walk to give to the less fortunate we meet along the way.

HAPPY 2016!

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Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and adventurous 2016!

This is Clementine.  She’s 9 and every bit as sweet as she looks.  As the official treat SLO. dog (and because it’s 3 pm on New Years Day and I’m still in my jammies), she has the honor of spreading well wishes for the New Year.  I mean, if this doesn’t make your heart warm for 2016, I don’t know what will.

Bravo, design team!

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I wanted to give a little shout out to my design team. Independently, these amazing Cal Poly students brought to life the treat SLO. logo and website. Big thanks to Kristen Meadows, Art and Design major, who created the logo.  And Tavin Boyton, Graphic Communication major, who designed the website.

It was so much fun working with such bright and talented young people, and I am excited for them and their future in design.