About the bakery.

Treat SLO was born from a love of baking and a desire to give back. We offer delicious, made-from-scratch treats, incorporating local ingredients and seasonal flavors whenever possible. At Treat SLO, we take great pride in our products and never compromise quality or service.


Bake SLO a better place.

On April 27, 1975, three days before the Fall of Saigon, my dad, his parents, and eight other siblings (nearly all younger) left their home in Vietnam.  When they boarded a small fishing boat owned by my Dad’s uncle, they did not know where their journey would take them. Their only wish was to escape, and they had to rely on each other for survival.

Months later and a trip around the world, their new life began in a small, rural Indiana town. My dad’s family was sponsored by two churches who provided them with a house, clothes, and food. Volunteers helped teach them English, and they even found a job for my Grandpa. It was not an easy road for my dad and his family, but through hard work, determination and the generosity of others they were able start a new life in America.

My dad’s history has helped me develop an understanding and appreciation of “community.”  To do our part, Treat SLO is committed to giving back a portion of every sale to the San Luis Obispo community. You get a yummy treat, and SLO gets a little love! It is our hope that with every contribution, we are helping bake SLO a better place.


Taking treat filled bags with us on our walk to give to the less fortunate we meet along the way.
We often see people in need on our walks.  On this day, we took bags of cookies with us to give to the less fortunate we met along the way.


About Me.

I grew up in a family who enjoyed cooking, and I am so grateful for a childhood that provided me with many “little helper” experiences in the kitchen. I remember fondly the big family dinners my Granny and Mamaw would prepare – chicken and dumplin’s were my favorite! From an early age, I learned the joy of cooking, and in my twenties I fell in love with baking. It quickly became my place of Zen (and extra calories!).

One of my favorite Granny dishes – Chicken and Dumplin’s

I believe it is important to share unique food experiences with my children and teach them to appreciate different flavors and cuisines, much to their chagrin at times.  I’m a lover of all things creative – music, art, movies – and I often use my kids’ birthdays as a reason to get my craft on.  I was born and raised in rural Indiana, but now I am living the SLO life.  And life is good!

~ Lan Alcorn | Owner, Baker

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